Alyx loves the BOM

Sometimes your kids do something, and you say “That’s all me”. We can’t say that for how Alyx has been reading the Book Of Mormon (BOM). She took it upon herself to genuinely read, motivations unknown. For those not familiar, this is a book of scripture that sits beside the Bible as another testament of Jesus Christ. Point being, this is not an easy read.

Yeah, we have a 30 minutes a day reading rule in our home, but nothing is stopping her from grabbing Where’s Waldo for an easy task accomplishment. Over the last 2 months, she has daily been reading word for word In the Book of Mormon. We find her after bedtime, using the hallway light to the best of her ability to sneak a couple more verses in. In 2 months of hard work, she has made it to page 19, or 1 Nephi 11.

She does what we all do; looking for accomplishment in seeing the thickness of the pages we’ve read, and recapping several times over 30 minutes how fast she was able to read chapter 6 because it was so short. But she’s doing something not many can. Finding joy in the small doses of words she consumes, and feasting upon the words of Christ.

Trying so hard!!

Mike Blom