Melanoma Part 1 – Diagnosis

There is something very surreal about finding out you have cancer. It makes you think seriously about how you’re living your life. How you are treating the ones you love. What you are doing to better yourself and the relationships that are most important to you. Those are the thoughts and feelings that I cherish about this whole experience, and I hope that I carry with me through my life.

February 2019 I noticed a mole itching on my back, I really didn’t remember it being there before then. Something about it just didn’t seem right. I had Mike take a picture of it so we could watch it, then I pretty much forgot about it, life got busy, there were lots of distractions.

In November this mole caught my attention again, it seemed like it was a little different. I remembered that I had taken the picture, so I searched through my photos, found it, and took another picture to compare. It had obviously evolved. It was darker, different shaped, and bigger. I made an appointment with the dermatologist right away. I felt a strong impression that it was not right and I needed to get in as soon as possible. When I got in, my dermatologist also didn’t think that it looked normal and removed it for biopsy. About a week later I got the news that it was indeed Melanoma.

Kate Blom