For Profit VA Loan Marketing Scams

If you’ve ever closed a VA home loan, you are probably on a list somewhere for lenders to market to you for refinancing. I’m not saying this is VA specific, as I assume this is a common practice with any home loan that’s closed. I can only guess into the inner workings, but these for profit entities have sufficient PII about me to establish my first and last name, address and approximate home loan information. I’m receiving tens to hundreds of messages a year from people who want to “help” me with my mortgage. Even though I understand marketing to targeted demographics, I have serious concerns over the way (assumption based) VA loan marketing works.

I receive a couple of calls a month, usually from a local number that go like this:

“Hello this is Mike”

“Hello, Mr. Blom?”

“yes ….”

This is <insert name> from the veteran service center, do you have a couple of minutes to go over your profile.

What is this about?

I have information regarding your VA benefits and would like to help you.

What company do you work for?

I’m with the veteran service center.

No, I’m asking you what company you work for. Are you a government entity, or are you a private business?

I’m with the veteran service center, with information about your veteran benefits

Look, you either identify yourself as a government entity or I’m ending the call

I’m not a government entity, but can help you save money on a refinance on your home. Are you aware interest rates are currently at <insert number>


The problem is in making the veteran believe that a government entity is reaching out. Imagine if you got a call from the County Treasurer Service Center, notifying you of a promotion for solar panels. A layer of trust is being established by the identification of who you’re speaking with, and you are more gullible to listen as to why the county would want you to install solar panels, and any incentives they may have. If you wonder what “Veteran Service Center” means to a veteran, google it and see what pops up. For me, I get directions to 3 official veteran support agencies, and then a bunch of .gov websites followed by a bunch of non profit entities genuinely trying to help veterans.

Not only this, but I receive many letters in the mail with what appear to be official letters from the government. If you’re like me, I go through my mail in a sorting pattern. Known mail to open, known mail to throw away, and unknown mail to open so I can figure out what to do with it. Even though this is a known problem, and mortgage companies have been “put on notice” by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, my mail is still looking very suspicious. Advertisers seem to go through great lengths to find out how they can walk a tight rope on the gray area of what they’re supposed to do, at times even overstepping their bounds.

Why is there no legislation to protect veterans from a potentially life altering decision. Why are veterans deemed a vulnerable group by for profit companies, that can be easily manipulated by clever naming schemes and tactics. Why can we not force these advertisements and unsolicited calls to come through with a special banner that reads “This is an advertisement by a private for profit business” or something of the likes.

For those affected by this, please see with information on how to protect yourself. In addition you can submit a complaint to here

Mike Blom