Melanoma Part 5 – immunotherapy

I am about a week and a half out from my first transfusion. I wanted to do a little update for how everything has gone so far. 

The transfusion was easy, it was a 2 hour appointment, but the actual transfusion was only about a half hour. The nurse did an awesome job getting a vein and got one on the first poke. They start out with some labs and vitals, once they get the results of those they put an order into the pharmacy and they bring out a very expensive, quite small bag of Nivolumab. When the bag was gone they sent me on my way. 

I felt fine for a couple hours after, but when it hit me, it hit me hard. I spent the next four days throwing up any food I tried to put in my body. I also had a fever, body aches, fatigue and some diarrhea. I pretty much lived on Powerade for a few days. The transfusion was a Wednesday and by that following Monday I had lost 8 pounds (don’t worry, I am sure I will find it). Tuesday I started feeling a little better day by day and now I Just feel like a tired/foggy version of myself, which is not too shabby! It was a difficult week, mentally, physically, and emotionally, but I am hoping I can get a couple good weeks in before I do my next treatment! 

I get wiped out super easy, but the last few days I have been trying to do a little bit exercising each day, even if it is just taking Boomer for a walk. It helps my emotional state so much if I take that time to focus on my body and it is like meditation for me. I have felt a bit of grief this week, trying to wrap my head around my life changing. Exercise for me is not about trying to look a certain way or lose weight, I am just trying to cope with my life flipping upside down and that has helped me. 

Life is HARD. No one is exempt from this. I cannot think of one human being who has had it easy. But hard can be good right? Hard makes us stronger! Hard humbles us! Hard gives us a chance to prove to ourselves that we can get through trials! Hard helps us appreciate the good! Blessings come with hard things. This week I have had so much love and support! I have an army behind me ready to help and fight this with me! I knew I was loved, but I have been blown away by the kind people around me! People are SO good! If any of you are reading this, thank you, I appreciate you and love you! đź–¤

Kate Blom