Kylee’s first Temple day

There’s a common saying in the Blom household… Stop Growing up! In another act of defiance, Kylee made her first trip to the Bountiful Temple today, to serve as a proxy for people who have been awaiting their Baptisms And Confirmations for hundreds of years.

She had been practically begging to go since she received her Temple Recommend at the beginning of January. Even when we had scheduled it for Wednesday, it appears that life’s curve balls can trump even the sweetest wishes. Alas, being together with her as parents and daughter in the temple was worth the wait. She radiated happiness as she took it all in. We all felt the Love of Heavenly Father a little clearer tonight.

We followed it up with a sit down dinner at Santorinis Grill before coming home to Jace, who had been babysitting in our absence… seriously, stop growing up. They managed to not burn the place down, and keep the peace!Another parenting win. Kylee shared her experience with her siblings, and Alyx closed the night with saying in her family prayer “I’m happy Kylee got to go do baptisms for other people who weren’t there, or something”.

Mike Blom